About us and who are we

The National stock car association was formed in 2019 by its founder members both Ringwood raceway & Barford raceway to offer a governing body for all tracks to eventually become members, and work closely together to bringing safe venues and stadiums for oval racing for our drivers & spectators to enjoy when they visit, to either compete or to spectate knowing that the tracks work hard together to a code of conduct & that its main aim is to bring a safer environment for all at the oval racing promoters venues within the group situated across the UK.

The National stock car association has various venues around the United Kingdom whereby drivers can race and those promoters follow and govern their events to comply with the code so that drivers and spectators can visit knowing that the promotions within the group continue to work tirelessly to bring a first-class sport into their venues and work to a minimum set of guidelines set out by the NSA to make their venues appealing to everyone who visits.

The National stock car association aims to further enhance their governing body by the association of new and increasing members that too wish to become involved in the safe promoting of oval motorsport.

Venue organisers who may be interested in joining the National stock car association are asked to contact us, we offer the association to new members who wish to work with us and join us to helping promote safer racing for all of our visitors.

Junior Banger's Update

In a joint statement regarding junior banger's from Ringwood Raceway, new owners of Swaffham Raceway, Barford raceway, Stansted Raceway we would like to confirm that all tracks will now be working together for the Junior Banger class for 2020, race dates are just being finalised and will be on each promoters websites shortly, this will mean that all venues will honour licences for visiting drivers in the Junior Banger class, we will be providing a fixture list that does it’s best not to clash on race dates but some overlap may occur.

The junior Banger drivers will be racing at each of the above venues and we are looking to work towards adding other tracks where the kids are welcome to race and more information will be given in due course regarding the junior Banger formula.

Once again we thank you for your patience at all tracks whilst meetings have been taking place to work together for the future of the class.