Running a Race track in the current climate is no easy task especially while some of the so-called bigger tracks and organisations seem to be only interested in there own short term financial gain and have no concern for the future of our beloved sport. They carry their attacks out by banning drivers racing at other tracks including small independently run venues, If they choose to ignore this rule they are banned from their track. We think this is wrong morally and financially as the drivers and teams who spend hours building cars and fortunes funding their passion should be allowed to choose where they race. This also damages the finances of smaller tracks which are generally running on a very tight budget struggling to survive at the best of times without the worry that they may not be able to secure enough drivers to run a meeting. So it's simple really, Our members can race at any of our tracks without the risk of a ban or disciplinary being taken. Our vision is simple and with our bullet-pointed mission statement makes it easy for new members to understand where we are going.   

  1. To promote your Raceway fairly and reasonably to ensure that your regulations do not cause long term damage to our sport while generating short term gains.
  2. To treat your Participants fairly and not imposing unrealistic demands on their activities at other venues within our group.
  3. Allow all the Participants from our Member raceways race at your venue within the limits of your formula's.
  4. To ensure all cars at your venue are fairly scrutineered to a high standard to ensure the safety of all the participants, Marshall's and spectators.
  5. To put on the best day out possible for your spectators so they revisit to keep our sport alive.
  6. To share "Best practice" with other members raceways what works/what doesn't to help aid the growth of our tracks.
  7. To fight and dismiss any negativity from larger promoters trying to ruin our businesses for their financial greediness.

So if this is your vision to maybe it's time to join us and keep this epic sport alive. Visit the contact page drop us a line and we will get back to you with more details. Promoters running their venue purely for their financial gain need not apply. Yes we are businesses and yes profit and expansion are good but if it is killing the long term future of our sport it is pointless.   


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